Macbeth says “thou anticipat’st my dread exploits.” I think this means that Macbeth is getting impatient with Macduff and is angry at him.

I’m still reading halo fall of reach but so far I’m enjoying the book, there lots of action in it. It is also very intresting on where the story is going but it’s a bit repetitive. The character we follow is master chief the leader of the team protecting other planets from an evil alien […]

Macbeth does not belive the new prophecies he is given by the apparitions execpt for the third apparition.                                                                           […]

We find out Lennox knows Macbeth ordered murderers to kill banquo and fleance and that they failed. “Banquo walk’d too late”                                 “fleance kill’d, for fleance fled”

Hecate is angry because the witches but into Macbeth life.

Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost at an important banquet sitting in Macbeths’ seat Macbeth says “the tables full” even though the others at the banquet can’t see Banquo.

It will have blood they say blood will have blood.                                                       It means that the blood of a murder victim will seek out the blood of their murderer. I am in blood stepp’d so […]

Act 2 scene 2: my hands are of your colour. To wear a heart so white. Act 1 scene 7: and shall make our griefs and clamour roar upon his death. Act 1 scene 5: only look up clear. To alter favour ever is to fear.

In act 2 scene 3 everyone discovers out that the king is dead and star to wonder who could of murdered him.

Task 1                                                              palpable                                             […]